A Story Worth Telling

For eight generations the Woodall's family has been innovating using traditional methods. It all began at the family-run butchers in rural Waberthwaite in The Lake District.

It's taken years to perfect our range but this determination certainly pays off on the plate. The family story began in the butchery trade but over the years and down the generations the Woodall's became masters in curing and skilled in smoking. One thing's for sure it's the deliciously original recipes that make our customers truly devoted to our charcuterie

Air dried hams and salami

Our air dried hams and salami's are not only our signature products but also our pride and joy steeped in our rich family heritage. Each product has it's own technique and story, utilising age-old techniques to create the product that we can now bring to you. We've curated modern yet simple recipes so you can start your own story with Woodall's.

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Cooked Hams

All our hams are natural meaning each slice is unique, this gives us natural variance. All our hams are salted by hand with each ham leg being massaged before it's cut. We retain this age-old skill from British methods passed down to us through Woodall family butchers. These products will be available soon, please contact us to find out more...

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Fresh Sausages and Bacon

Our Cumberland Sausages reached the most discerning of flyer when they were served on Concorde. Using 100% meat and filled into natural hog casings they are the perfect accompaniment for any journey, or just mealtimes. Our Bacon will also be available soon!